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Building Joyful Marriage Relationships

March 18, 2010

The aim of Marryright blog  is to help those engaging in relationships targeted at marriage to do so in a way that has a chance to guarantee joyful marriage relationship.  As I work on my own marriage relationship with my wife, Ada, I see situations and opportunities that produce or enhance our joys and peace.  One opportunity which has impressed itself on my mind strongly recently is doing physical exercise together with my wife and sometimes, as a family.  I decided to share this on this blog today so that those who are already married could try it to improve their relationship while those who are working at a marriage bound relationship could use it to make sure a degree of success in the growing relationship.

My wife is fond of sports.  In fact, she had a sports career in the Police.  When we married, I told her I wanted her to stay as fit and trim as she is without adding  much weight.  She kept her sports work habit of daily fitness activity.  She soon won me over.  I became a fitness buff myself, exercising regularly and encouraging anybody who would listen to me to do so. I was enthralled by how well and fit and healthy these regular exercises made me feel.  Then I started researching on the subject and discovered a whole new world of wellness and I have since stuck with it.

Right now in our family of five – three children and the two of us – there are five bicycles.  My wife and I do separate and sometimes joint workouts sometimes in the mornings or evenings.  At least once a week, mostly Monday nights after the spiritual side of our Family Home Evening, the family file out to the compound and we either jug or ride our bicycles.

Sometime now, I am beginning to notice that hours and days following each fitness activity for my wife and I or with the family, I feel healthy, clear-headed and more attached and agreeable with my wife.  Sometime ago, there was some friction in our relationship.  This produced about a week of pain for me and am sure for my wife.  Then, we found a way to get back together and we had occasion shortly after that to exercise together.  This couple fitness activities created such a connectedness between us that I discovered anew how much I adored my wife and I was able to tell her so which made her glow.  Disagreements are easily sorted out, I also discovered, during those weeks we were able to get together for fitness activity as a couple or as family.

As we all know, one of the challenges of married couples is being able to sit down together and really talk with each other.  Talking to each other is easily accomplished.  But talking with each other is a harder thing to do.  I discovered that after an hour or even less fitness activity together, we can seat on the floor or ground for another hour or more talking, some of the times, excitedly.  I have equally found out that discussing with our children are made easier after running or cycling together for some time in the evenings.

Some of the time, we have exercised in our bedroom nude.  This has on each occasion produced wonderful moments after the exercises.

Dating and courtship partners can start this fitness activity as part of their dating and courtship activity.  It would not just help you to be healthy, it would build a connectedness that would help you make the decision for each other.  However, do not exercise in the nude in the bedroom with a man or woman who has not been legally and lawfully wedded to you.

I invite married couples to try everything proposed in this article and give me a feedback by commenting on this topic.  Also, if you are already doing this with results that authenticate what I have written here, could you let me know by commenting on this blog.  If you have done this without it impacting positively on your romantic moments, let me also know by a comment on this blog.  Dating and courtship partners, let me know by a comment or two when you add this to your relationship activity and what results you get.

Wishing you Joyful Relationships.

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